The Orthodox Presbyterian Church

We are part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC).  Although the OPC was established in 1936, its historic roots go back to the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation, which sought to reform the church and return her to the teachings of the Bible.  So why the name “Orthodox Presbyterian Church”?  The word “orthodox” means “straight thinking”.  It means that we are a Bible-believing church. We believe and teach and seek to obey what the Bible says.  The word “presbyterian” means governed by elders.  We follow the Biblical pattern of being governed by elders.  And we are one visible expression of the church that Jesus is building around the world and across time.  We appreciate our heritage and connection to the church in centuries past and to the church around the world.  Each OPC congregation is directly connected to the other congregations of the OPC to form one church,  and we also have ties with other like-minded churches in the United States and in many different countries.