A Meeting with God

Above all else, worship is a meeting of the triune God with His covenant people.  God meets with His people and we with Him.  This is reflected in our order of worship.  God addresses us in the call to worship, in the salutation and benediction, in the reading and preaching of the Word, and in the sacraments.  We respond and address God in prayer, in confession, in hymns, in hearing the Word, in receiving and partaking of the sacraments, and in offerings.  God works in our lives as He meets with us.


In worship, we bow at the feet of God and extol His majesty.  God’s glory is the purpose of worship.  We engage in all the elements of worship with a single-minded focus on God’s glory and with a humble and dependent expectation that the exalted Lord Jesus Christ Himself will edify us and build His church through His appointed means of grace -- all to His own glory.


The reading and preaching of God’s Word is the centerpiece of our worship.  God’s Word is also what regulates how we worship.  We believe that the elements of worship are to be those that God Himself appoints in His Word, not a matter of human imagination or invention.

A Celebration of the Gospel

Our worship celebrates all that God has done for us in Jesus Christ.  We rejoice that, in His great love, God has saved a people for Himself and is bringing us to eternal glory. We delight in our Savior Jesus Christ.  We rejoice in the gospel.   It is the heartbeat of our worship.